Monday, September 10, 2012

A Rush Of Color To The Head

Been a while. 

I really love how these came out, it's a strange mix of inspiration.

Started these in an ER visit(no worries I'm alright!) In hopes of entertaining onlooking children in the waiting room. When I went home I had the insane urge to watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, then afterwards I treated myself to Coldplay for the remainder of last night and today. It's this bizarre combo that kept me driven to draw more of these.

It's a bit of a minimalism challenge. I simply drew only bits and pieces of a face and filled the rest with shapes and zany colors. It's a fantastic practice for one to think outside of the box. I plan to do more, too. 


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Paradise Found

I had such a beautiful dream the other night that really moved me. About a friend.
I never thought you would visit me in my dreams in a million years, it really took me by surprise.
You walked out of you old truck with my friend, it was a bright hot afternoon. I didn't see my girlfriend's face, she passed me by and walked to the front porch of my house.
And there you were, you wore a white cuffed shirt and some black jeans. Something I could never imagine you wearing. You seem so happy, so peaceful. You aged it seemed, you brown hair faded to a salt and pepper gray.
And you looked at me with those big piercing blue eyes. They glowed in the dream, like they were lit up by the sky. You stared me right in the eyes and gave me one of those mischievous smirks. You told me "Hey, kiddo, you take care of my girl now," and you winked at me, then turned and walked to your car. It faded to white as I slowly woke up by the sun hitting my eyes.

Bill was born December 19, 1957 and passed away from natural causes February 11, 2012. 

I promise I always will, Bill. I'll always make sure she is doing fine, doing healthy, and is thriving. That she never settles for less than what she deserves and is happy. That she continues to be the beautiful person she is and always continues her life as the talented artist she is.

I feel like, I really didn't trust you when you were alive. I was apprehensive of you, really.
If he has the ability to read this or hear it in my heart, I am sorry. I'm sorry  it took me so long to thank you like this, as well. I know you really enjoyed my art, as I did yours. Here's a little something more.

I wish I could have gotten to know you more. I appreciate everything you did for her, you graced her with such kindness and love and respect. You were such a great friend. With an understanding honest heart, and very funny as well. She really needed something to believe in and it was you, and it will always be you. I know you'll always look after her. And I know you want her to be happy, for her to keep moving.
The last time we saw each other, you dropped her off at my house. You walked up to me, held up my face with a gentle hand and kissed me on the forehead thanking me for being a doll. 

No, thank you. If only I could do the same now. 
Thanks, Bill. 

Love, Izzy.

Friday, June 22, 2012

More hoooomuns.

Some "familiar faces" ;]
The one where he's singing into the mic gets people every single time.

I just love playing around with different shapes and sizes. I should do a sheet for different female body types now.

Anatomy Drawings

EDIT-Darkened them. They came out like, wayyy too light on my scanner.
These were much more fun than expected. I really love drawing all the curves on a body, the muscle groups.

The guy on the top left seems to be a little scrunched at the chest, not as well pronounced as I'd like.
 Gotta work on that!

Overall happy with these. Still feel the need to tweak some anatomical problems a bit that I didn't see till it was scanned an on-screen, maybe add some depth  by shading these guys. Or keep as is and always try for even better next time!

I need to draw some chunky boys and some curvy women :] Yep yep yep.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Too many Izzies for this world

They are gonna be stinking up the place with farts. 

Class demonstration for character design. 
Facial expressions are so fun to do. It's like the rich cream cheese frosting off the red velvet cake of....designing stuff.
By no means is this a formula or something to go by for Iz's MANY emotions. I do these to challenge myself. If the emotion reads well you can usually tell what the character is feeling.
The center expression and the hairstyle Izzy sports(in all) is a homage to my favorite drummer, Tre Cool. It's always been that way. Sure it's changed 'er hairstyle a little here and there but it will always be inspired by that one person.

I was given help to restyle the 'do by a girlfriend of mine(seriously she has a blog and she'll be posting soon check her out, she's amazing). Really helped me with the hairline, I love those two lil tufts in the back. See I was unsure whether to have Izzy's hair with different and varied amounts of strands of hair every time. I don't want too much inconsistency. Maybe more detailed works like a full scene or painting or close up, you'd see more chunks of hair. Eh, still working on it. I like it for now though.

There's some OBVIOUS major inconsistencies I'm gonna have to change but for now, it looks alright. Art doesn't have to be perfect. I'm tired of tweaking it at the moment. I'll pick it up and fix it with a new perspective in the near future.

Dream on, little panda.

By the way, it's a girl if you don't know that already. But honestly she can pass off as a boy too if she wanted to and I really like that.
I'm not really sure if I want Izzy to be androgynous. Part of me thinks it's a beautiful concept. Part of me is still unsure about making her that way though.
We'll just have to see.


If I should die tonight 
May I first just say I’m sorry 
For I, never felt like anybody 
I am a man of many hats although,  I never mastered anything 
When I am ten feet tall  I’ve never felt much smaller, since the fall 
Nobody seems to know my name 
So don’t leave me to sleep all alone 
May we stay lost on our way home?
C’mon, c’mon, with everything falling down around me I’d like to believe in all the possibilities ♥ 

Old art.
But I love it, regardless of its flaws.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where Soul Meets Body

I love working on warmer tones. It's so refreshing  from just drawing on plain white. Gives it a more earthy feel.
Drawn on the cardboard backing of a used pack of Bristol paper.

Inspired by this song.